With Our 21 Day Challenges

Understanding the struggles of being trapped in an unhealthy routine and yearning for a transformative change is something I can truly relate to. It was six years ago when I found myself in precisely that position, grappling with weight concerns and constant fatigue. It was during that time that my wonderfully simple meal plan became a pivotal part of my life!

The immediate and astounding impact it had on me was nothing short of miraculous, and its effects have left a mark on me. Over the course of these six years, I successfully shed over 40 pounds. Presently, I have the extraordinary privilege of helping individuals on their paths to improved health and well-being, sharing my daily practices and insights.

I deeply empathize with the struggle and the feeling of almost surrendering to the challenge. However, I want to assure you that change is within reach with the right support and unwavering dedication. I stand here today, firmly committed to being by your side, providing encouragement, and offering guidance, supporting you wholeheartedly every step of the way.

Look great. Feel fantastic. Win some cash!


How does this program help you acheive your optimal physique and wellness?

Personalized Meal Plan, Grocery List, and Recipes

We're eager to understand your starting point and ultimate goals. Receive a complimentary Wellness Evaluation, allowing us to craft a tailored meal plan to guide you toward your best results!

Support Group

Gain immediate access to our health and wellness chat. Here, we'll discuss daily topics that'll assist you in overcoming challenges, all while keeping you inspired with helpful tips and suggestions to guide you on your journey.

On Demand Work Out Videos

Whether you're at the gym, at home, in the park, or at work, fret not! You can bring your workouts with you wherever you are, accessible from any location with WIFI! Let's monitor your progress collectively as you advance through our various fitness levels!

Direct Access to Your Coach

Receive my direct phone number, enabling us to work one-on-one as you conquer your goals!


We provide a specialized system designed to ensure you meet your macro intake requirements and fill in nutritional gaps that many people encounter during their body transformation journey.



What to expect in the 21 Day Challenge

Free Wellness Evaluation

Its important to gain insight into your current health status so I can guide you passionately towards achieving your goals! Take charge of your health journey by completing my FREE wellness evaluation. Let's get started on this exciting transformation together!

Pick Your Program

We've designed our programs to cater to all kinds of health and wellness starters. If you prefer a gentle start to ease into things or are eager to see quick and significant changes, we've got options for you. We offer three distinct programs, so you can choose the one that fits your lifestyle and goals the best.

Join Our Community

Here, you're joining a journey with folks just like you. We're all about keeping you accountable, sharing tips and tricks, and providing a solid support system throughout your journey. You'll never have to walk this path alone!

Personalized Coaching

In this one-on-one coaching relationship, we provide personalized guidance, feedback, and strategies to enhance your skills, mindset, and overall performance. Whether you're striving for professional success, personal development, or a specific achievement, our coaches are dedicated to empowering you throughout your journey.


Here you will be able to access your Personalized Meal Plan, Work Out Plan, Grocery List, Recipe Book, On Demand Work Out Videos. (Coaches code is required in order to access)

Before & After Pictures

We select the top 10 winners based on before and after pictures. We provide precise instructions on how to take these photos and the necessary code words to use. Submit your pictures to your coach before the deadline for a chance to win $1,000 in just 21 Days!

Mega Workout Groups

From coast to coast in the United States and across South America, we organize in-person workouts that come at no cost to you. Reach out to your coach to get the scoop on the nearest community workout in your area. Don't worry if in-person isn't an option - we've got live online workouts available too!

Winners Announced Live

When the challenge concludes, tune in to our Instagram LIVE event where we'll announce the winners for the world to see!

Opportunity To Become A Brand Ambassador

Join the movement in the United States & South America to expand our community world wide. Extend this challenge to your inner circle or social media followers, and earn a generous 25 to 50% commission for every challenger you bring on board! Our goal is to impact 1 MILLION LIVES, and you can play a vital role in achieving this incredible milestone!

Are you ready to get started?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WeDoTranformations?

We're a vibrant community of health and wellness coaches united with a single goal: to empower individuals like you to not only look amazing and feel fantastic but also achieve exciting cash prizes!

Do I have to submit before and after pictures?

We understand that taking before pictures can feel intimidating. However, we highly recommend capturing these images to monitor and celebrate your progress throughout the challenge. If you're not comfortable submitting them, that's perfectly okay. Just envision the incredible transformation you could make, potentially winning $1,000! This is a judgment-free zone, and please know that most of us began this journey right where you are now.

What support do I have?

Once you've chosen and committed to your program, you'll instantly unlock access to our robust online support and accountability community. Additionally, you'll have direct access to your dedicated coach for personalized 1:1 coaching. Plus, your exclusive VIP Zone will provide you with all the essential tools you need for a successful journey towards your goals. Let's achieve greatness together!

What supplements will I be taking?

We've teamed up with Herbalife, the top nutrition company globally, to provide the very best to our challengers.

Do I have to take the supplements?

We highly suggest using the supplements as it will fill any nutritional gaps, but if you choose not to, you will still receive the products, coaching, and entrance into the challenge with the purchase of your program and you can gift them or use them at a later time.

How to Become a WDT Brand Ambassador

Come join us in our mission to impact 1 million lives! Become a Brand Ambassador today and gain immediate access to our coaching platform, training, and systems. Start transforming the lives of those you care about while also creating opportunities to earn money. Let's make a difference together!

Are there any monthly cost associated with Brand Ambassadorship?

To access the WDT platform, there's a one-time fee of $110 for a distribution license, which then renews annually at $80. Additionally, enrolling in the WDT challenge and gaining access to marketing materials, the coaches' platform, VIP zone for clients, accountability groups, and other resources involves a monthly fee of $35. This monthly contribution contributes to the $10,000 prize pool for winners, in-person events, and additional exciting offerings!